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A series attacking the issue of CSA by telling peoples individual & collective stories through works of art. If you or anyone you know would like to take part in this series please email: 

An Artist Impact

Art for KR has ALWAYS been a way of life, it was the only thing he knew couldn't be taken away from him. As an artist, he is always looking for new creative ways to make his work speak to people and situations all around. He utilizes his creativity to create voices for those whose voices have been taking away. As an Educator, he utilizes his knowledge and skill sets to push his students creatively, ultimately birthing and nurturing their artistic gifts. Working with the youth is one of KR's passions, it is his goal to build opportunities for our youth that empower them to utilize their gifts and talents in a positive manner. In doing so he runs a Males mentoring program working with youth ages 9-19, and can also be seen volunteering at events that impact the youth of today. He believes it is important to always think about the impact you are making as an artist. An artist is able to make an impact that others aren't, so he believes it is one of our charges to socially advocate, and fight for certain causes. When we find our voice we help others find their voice, and that is how you make an Artist Impact.   

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